“Hard work is our plot, you only have to win the race.”


The Ultra Cooper Cup is the racing series in the rank of the Polish Championships. OMM’s mission is to create a separate racing class based on fair play. To achieve this, OMM took the trouble to develop identical specification for all OMM CUP series cars.
The idea of ​​the OMM CUP is to select the best drivers, where the result is decided by skills, not financial outlays. This is only possible when drivers race with identical cars. The concept of ​​the cup is to create a championship racing class that does not discriminate by income and is not only for the most affluent drivers.


• Rank of the Polish Championships – the winners of the UCC Cup receive the titles of the Champion, Vice-Champion and the Second Vice-Champion of Poland during the annual Gala of PZM Motor Sport.

• Race Driver License – each participant will be prepared for the race license under the OMM CUP Cup.

• Technical care – the organizer provides 100% technical facilities needed to build and service a car. The service includes the construction of a car, service during the season and comprehensive service during the competition.

• Substantive care – before and during the season, the organizer provides theoretical and practical training under the supervision of experienced instructors, multiple time Polish champions.

• Equality guarantee – all cars competing in the Cup are equal. The idea of ​​the cup is to select the best drivers who compete in identical cars.


On the organizer’s side

• Help in with the purchasing of a car
• Construction of the car according to OMM CUP regulations
• Preparation of the car and full assistance for the race driver
• Delivery of the car for each race and training session
• Car service during all of the phases of the competition
• Administration (registration of the competitor for the competition, delivery competitors’ documents to the competition office, car inspection)
• Catering throughout the whole competition
• Assistance finding and booking accommodation
• Car transport after the competition
• Car service and preparation for the next round of competition
• Storage of the race car between successive rounds of competition

On your side

• Arrive to the race track
• Suit up, get in the race car and fight for the best position